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Welcome to Immigrants.Stat

What is Immigrants.Stat?

Immigrants.Stat is the data warehouse that collects and organizes the statistics produced by Istat on foreign immigrants and new citizens in order to make them more easily accessible to the different types of users involved (researchers, policy makers, journalists, citizens). It is a work in progress as the system will adapt to new information needs.

Who has access to Immigrants.Stat?

Access to the system is free of charge and open to all.

What can be found in Immigrants.Stat?

The information contained in the data warehouse, coming from different sources are organized into eight themes: 1. population and households; 2. health; 3. Labour; 4. education and training; 5. households economic conditions and disparities; 6. Social security and welfare 7. social participation: 8. crime. For each subject key data and some summary indicators are made available. The aim is to provide an overall picture of the phenomenon considering both the traditional statistics and the data on emerging issues.

How does Immigrants.Stat work?

Data are presented in multidimensional tables; acting on variables, reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides users can create custom tables. A wide range of standard metadata facilitates the retrieval and understanding of statistics by users.The system is based on the technology of data warehouse OECD (OECD.Stat), a software platform and statistical services also adopted by Istat with the data warehouse I.Stat.


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